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CBD Mendo™ 2:1 Focus 1 oz


Focus is an amazing blend of cannabinoids and other organic herbs such as Gota Kola and Angelica Archangelica that help with mental clarity and calmness.

While Focus is equal parts active THC and ACTIVE CBD, it also includes an equal part of THCa from raw flowers, primarily to capture the terpenes and other constituents lost in the activation process.  Hence, it is labeled as a 2:1 CBD:THC potency.




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Bhutan Logo

The Bhutan™ Difference

Bhutan™ is an Emerald Triangle-based cooperative of experienced professionals who have grown up and are rooted

in the Northern California cannabis culture, community and industry. We are craft cannabis farmers that began our

relationship with this plant years ago, when seeds were first brought to northern California from the mountains of

Afghanistan and other parts of south Asia.

Our medicine makers and cultivation experts have, collectively, well over a century’s experience in genetic

horticulture, plant pathology and manufacturing herbal medicine. We understand that the purpose of medical

cannabis is the patient, and we provide the best options by making cannabis medicine in a variety of forms including

concentrates, oils, tinctures and salves.

We are guided by values of Purity and Potency, service to patients and our community and our mission of providing

the best possible medicine to all who need it. Our goals are captured in a simple principle: an ongoing effort to

improve our cannabis medicines by monitoring them from seed through patient outcome.

Made from select varieties of cannabis, sun-grown in the emerald triangle biodynamic grape alcohol base, double

filtered to remove sharp taste.

Why Tinctures?

Tinctures are taken through the membrane of the mouth, providing a direct delivery to the blood stream and offering

more reliable dosing than most other delivery systems.  This is more efficient than taking cannabinoids internally

through the digestive system, which results in loss of potency; or by smoking, which is good for symptom treatment

but loses effect in about an hour.

Why Take CBD?

Research and laboratory studies from around the world have provided evidence that CBD is an

excellent treatment for a range of inflammation and neurologically- related conditions. These include:

Bhutan Benefit Table

Cannabis is the most cost-effective medicine

Break down our ingredients one by one and compare – Bhutan™ is the same or a lower cost per

mg of CBD as those products that are not organic and of poorer quality. And herbal medicine is

far more cost effective than most prescription drugs.

What is the Right Dose for YOU?

Herbs are gentle, natural compounds that prompt your body’s own healing processes to address

the illness, condition or “dis- ease” you are experiencing. The right dose for you is the one that

feels right and produces positive results. In finding the right dose, we start with the experience of

other patients using cannabis medicines, scientific peer reviewed research, and information from

health care providers. With CBDs (cannabidiol), we start with a bit more, to kick-start our

bodies healing mechanism on a cellular level, and then reduce the dose as we feel better.

Why Alcohol?

Alcohol is the most absorbable conveyor of cannabinoids. Since the earliest days of natural

pharmacopeia in America over 100 years ago, it was recognized that alcohol promotes the

body’s absorption of healing compounds. Oil is more difficult to absorb and pass into the blood

stream. And oil has a tendency to separate and requires extra emulsifiers.

We recommend tinctures and suppositories in an alcohol base because they are rapidly absorbed

by the body and deliver the highest percentage of cannabinoid content of any delivery system.

Because the cannabinoids are taken directly into the bloodstream, they start working more quickly and more effectively.

Why Whole plant and not hemp?

Whole plant cannabis medicines make use of the entourage effect which is the dynamic interplay

of the many chemical compounds in the plant. These include the (known) 100 cannabinoids,

terpenes, flavonoids, and other compounds. It is their interactivity that produce the most potent

and effective healing results.

Hemp contains very low amounts of cannabinoids. It is often grown in previously used soils

which can potentially hold many cycles of chemical fertilizers, pesticides, and other toxic

ingredients. These remain in the body on a cellular level for a very long time, possibly for the

life of the human organism.


Purity & Potency

Does it really make a difference if herbal medicines are made with pure ingredients? Of course it does! You care about your body and your wellbeing. And you care what medicine you use to heal it and to maintain good health.
We practice whole plant medicine, in which the entourage effect of the many dynamically interacting cannabinoids, terpenes, flavonoids and other compounds give cannabis its unique healing qualities.

We manufacture CBD-rich medicines with various combinations of THC, other cannabinoids, terpenoids, and traditional botanicals. Our packaging describes exactly what you are getting and how to use it.
All plants grown for Bhutan™ medicinals are clean, locally sun-grown in the Emerald Triangle of California. Our plants are sustainably grown with respect and love for our earth.

All ingredients are organic and/or natural without pesticides or chemical nutrients that remain in the human metabolism indefinitely. We make nothing from hemp, only from the whole cannabis plant’s flowers and leaves. Our oils come from a pure CO2 extraction method with absolutely no solvents.

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