Pet Cannabis Tincture 20:1 CBD:THC 1oz (Large Pet)
July 2, 2016
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July 2, 2016
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Pet Cannabis Tincture 20:1 CBD:THC 0.5oz (Small Pet)


0.5 oz Bottle

Non-toxic and non-psychoactive for pets. Targets anxiety, arthritis, mild pain, inflammatory issues such as pancreatitis, and seizures.

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What is a Pet Tincture

TreatWell’s pet tinctures are a liquid form of cannabis extraction that can be put directly in your pet’s mouth or in their food.

Tinctures are an excellent form of delivery for your pet because they are fast acting, easy to dose up and down and can be used even when your pet has no appetite.

We know your pet is an important part of your family and our mission at TreatWell is to provide the highest quality product possible for your furry friend. We start with organically and sun-grown cannabis and use only the top shelf flowers in our organic ethanol extraction process. We do not use cheap input like trim nor do we use CO2 for extraction because we do not want lose the full plant benefit. Our proprietary extraction process
captures all of the cannabinoids, including the beneficial terpenes, and does not push through unwanted plant matter such as waxes, fats and chlorophyl.

We blend our extract with MCT oil (fractionated coconut oil) and fresh salmon oil. MCT oil is healthy, easy for pets to digest and blends evenly for consistent and accurate dosing. We blended it with fresh salmon oil for added health benefits and for a taste that most dogs and cats love.

Tincture Options

Available in small pet (cats and dogs < 20lbs) and large (dogs >20lbs) pet sizes.

20:1 CBD:THC

Non-toxic and non-psychoactive for pets. Targets anxiety, arthritis, mild pain, inflammatory issues such as pancreatitis, and seizures.

Small Pet (15ml) – 75mg total cannabinoids
Large Pet (30ml) – 300mg total cannabinoids


Non-toxic and non-psychoactive in small doses. Targets appetite stimulation, cancer, severe pain, topical skin conditions, end of life care & comfort.

Small Pet (15ml) – 75mg total cannabinoids
Large Pet (30ml) – 300mg total cannabinoids

How it works for pets

Animals have endocannabinoid systems and receptors too! This means that cannabis may be used to treat many of the same issues in pets that we treat in humans. Keep in mind that animals metabolize cannabis (like many other things) differently than humans. We have seen that dogs and cats respond to cannabis more quickly and intensely than humans because of the way cannabinoids bind to their receptors.

Is it safe?

Studies have shown cannabis to be “non-toxic” and not fatal to dogs and cats. The most common side-effect we see with pets is sleepiness. This side effect will go away as they gain tolerance. However, THC intoxication is something to be cautious of and can happen if large quantities of THC are consumed. Too much THC may result in temporary adverse side effects such as: drooling, loss of motor skills and anxiety. Mild signs of intoxication usually resolve themselves anywhere from 3-12 hours. If your dog or cat experiences any severe symptoms from an overdose of
THC, take them to a veterinarian for assistance.


All animals (like humans) respond differently to cannabis. So we always suggest starting with very low doses at night and then slowly ramping up to their MED (minimum effective dose). Dosing twice a day with meals is usually most effective. A good dosing starting point for mild issues is 1mg of cannabinoid per 25lb of body weight.


What is the difference b/w the pet and human tinctures?

All pet tinctures use the same extract & MCT as the human tinctures, but they also have wild salmon oil added to it for flavor and added nutritional benefit. The large pet tinctures have the same concentration as the human tinctures. The small pet tinctures have 1/4 the concentration of the human tinctures and is appropriately dosed for small animal body weight.

What is the difference b/w the large and small pet tincture?

The concentration.

What if my pet is allergic or has a sensitivity to salmon?

If they are a large pet (over 20lb), they can use a human tincture. If they are a small
pet, the human 20:1 may be ok but only give them a very tiny amount. We don’t suggest the human 1:1 for small pets, it is too much THC for them to handle.

Can I give my small dog a large pet tincture?

We don’t suggest it b/c even one drop of the large pet tincture is usually too much for the small pets.

Why don’t you have pure THC products for pets?

We’ve found that it’s not needed – even for the most serious conditions, the most THC that
is needed is 50/50 (CBD:THC). Giving an animal pure THC just leads to THC intoxication, which puts a lot of undue stress on their bodies.

Why don’t you use hemp in your products?

Hemp is grown for strength, fiber and protein – which is not what you want in a medicine. The
cannabis plant, however, has the full spectrum of terpenes and cannabinoids (even THC) which is needed for the true medicinal and “entourage” effect.

How can you administer the tinctures?

Orally directly in their mouth, in their food or topically.

How should they be stored?

Cool dark place, no need to refrigerate. Avoid heat and direct light.

What is the shelf life?

6 months to a year if stored correctly.

How to you use the tincture?

You can put it directly into the animal’s side of their mouth, into their food or you can use it topically.

How do I use THCA?

It works fantastic as a topical for things like skin rashes or hot spots. It is non-psychoactive and can be ingested for things like severe inflammation, chemo treatments, seizures.

Will the tincture get my dog stoned?

The 20:1 won’t have any pyschoactivity to it, but the 1:1 can cause these effects if taken too much too quickly.

What do I do if my dog acts stoned (wobbly, drooling, loses motor control, acts anxious):

If a very mild case of intoxication, just put them in a quiet room without stimulation with a big bowl of water. If more sever, take them to a vet for monitoring and possible treatment.


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