Is cannabis allowed in nursing homes?

Excerpts from Leafly:

  • With legalization steadily growing and over half the states in the nation having some sort of medical cannabis program, it seems obvious that nursing homes would find ways to incorporate medical cannabis into a resident’s routine, offering them a better quality of life. However, such is not the case.
  • Out of nearly 100 highly-rated facilities—in states such as Oregon, Washington, Nevada, Vermont, Montana, California, Maine, New York, and Colorado—only three nursing homes said they allow cannabis use.
  • Not only was it extremely difficult to find a nursing home that allowed medical cannabis, it was apparently a question that most had not even considered—even in legal states.
  • Federally-funded nursing homes can’t or won’t allow patients access to medical cannabis due to the continued federal prohibition on cannabis.
  • As cannabis reform continues to progress, it is worthwhile to ask what can be done for the residents of senior homes and to continually push for reform.